Hi there! Even though I prefer bold color over black, it’s good to include it in my wardrobe once in a while, specially if it’s paired with a sequin skirt like this one. It’s really hard for me to pass on something with sequins on it, particularly when going out at night. With frizzy hair all over the runways this summer, I tried to make an afro-like hairstyle for this occasion. Letting my red lips and nails stand out on its own. A simple but very fun look!

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Pointing the direction

Hello! I know it’s been a while, but this flu doesn’t seem to leave me alone. I even tried to cheer me up with this bright-colored simple nail art. This is  how it goes: I started with two coats of a lime green polish, followed by painting half of my nail with a bright purple in a diagonal way and topping it with a black arrow where the two colors meet. This with the help of a nail art pen. I hope you like it!

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Hi! One of the things that I love the most about going to the movies is being able to grab a bite while watching a movie. Sometimes I’ll have a roast beef or jamón serrano with cheese pannini, other times a ham and cheese crepe or a sweet one with nutella or jelly, or sometimes even both one for dessert! I love to recreate something I have at a restaurant or so adding a twist of my own. I warn you, once I master a recipe or even if I do it once, I don’t usually follow the quantities anymore, I do it on eye, until I guess I get the desired texture or flavor. So that’s why on times I will not post the exact recipe or quantities for a certain recipe. See, sometimes I’ll search for a certain recipe and take the aspects that I like the most about several recipes found and create one of my own. So I hope you like it, it’s not that hard and totally worth it.


(Makes about 5 depending on the size of the pan)

  • About 1 cup of all-purpose flour
  • 1 egg
  • About 1/2 cup of milk
  • About 3/4 cup of iced water
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla (for sweet crepes)
  • Butter (as needed)
  • Bananas (as needed)
  • Strawberries (as needed)
  • Nutella (as desired)
  • Chocolate fudge (as desired for decoration)
  • Cream cheese (as needed)
  • Ham (as desired)
  • Manchego cheese (as needed)

In a bowl, whisk the flour and salt with the egg, milk and the iced water until you get a runny liquid consistency. In the case of the sweet crepes, you add the vanilla as well to this mixture. Brush a bit of butter to the heated pan and with the help of a big spoon add the mixture, tilt the pan in a circular way so all the surface of it gets covered. Let cook in medium heat for a couple of minutes and then turn and cook for another couple of minutes the other side. When done, remove and set aside. Between each crepe, I would recommend to brush a little butter on the pan and add a bit of water to the mixture to make sure you maintain the same runny consistency. When you’re all done it’s time to fill them in. Start by arranging the desired combination of ingredients but just in half of the crepe and make sure you don’t over fill it so it’s easy to fold. Fold in half and then again in half. You can decorate if you want to.

*There’s an infinite amount of combinations you can make either if you want them salty or sweet. I recommend the following:

-Ham and cheese with jalapeño peppers on the side (you can use any type of ham and cheese) (When I want something fancier, I’ll drizzle these with a mushroom sauce I achieve by melting butter in a pan, adding a couple of tablespoons of cornstarch for a dense consistency, I add a bit of milk, cream, cream cheese, sliced mushrooms and season with salt and pepper.)

-Chicken and mushrooms

-Cajeta and crushed nuts

-Cream cheese and nutella

-Cream cheese and blackberry jelly (it could be any type of jelly or preserves)

Just to mention a few, you can try any combination and share it with me :)


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Hi there! I’m anxious waiting for spring for all the bright colors, sheer, flowy fabrics, swimsuits and colorful makeup and nail designs. So I decided to wait no more and came up with this playful design which is pretty easy as well, it just takes some time, be patient. After applying the base coat, I started with a fuchsia nail polish. I had this little rice shaped colored rhinestones that I’ve never used before. It was easier for me to separate the little stones by groups of colors, that way when I had the wet glue on the nail it would be faster to pick a color without repeating. The location of each stone was completely random. Enjoy!

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Rainbow night

Hello! I spotted this blouse at a vintage store and it was love at first sight not only because of the sequins which I’m obsessed with but because of the array of colors as well as the golden speckles in the fabric. So I decided to wear it to a night of clubbing with my friends. And instead of letting the blouse be the center of attention, I paired it with colorful glittery eyes which were the result of mixing about 10 different colored glitters and loooong false eye lashes, which I still need to practice because I take too long to put them on. On my nails I wore a black nail polish with micro golden sparkles. And since I didn’t want to have my whole hair down, I opted for a half up do with a Grecian braid. Hope you like it!

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Lavender afternoon

I’m starting this blog by sharing how much I like to wander around the city with my sister. We usually go to any mall to window shop or to some place for coffee, and sometimes both. Today I didn’t go to school (just because I only have one class on friday) so we decided to go for some coffee. I wasn’t in the mood to do something fancy with my hair or let it flow freely as I almost always do so I put it all together in a braid that ended in a twist. For my makeup I did soft purple in the whole eyelid all the way to the crease and two coats of mascara. Rosey blush and a subtle pink for the lips. Something low-key in my opinion. My nails on the other side had the right amount of sparkle for my whole neutral outfit.

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